Do you find it curious that some of the most negative voices on American political posts aren't even American? Why would a non citizen be so angry?

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I've wondered about that as well. They have every right to voice their opinion, but to get mad and argue with people is way out of line. They don't have to live here, we do.

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This is about me, isn't it?! Am I being rude and angry?!

Now seriously, speaking for myself - I speak of what I want, with the information I have, being from my country or another. If someone is displeased with that....
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What do you expect? Me not speaking about it because people don't like it?
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Lol, I don't think this is about me either xD

I don't find it curious at all. In the real world, as in NOT on the internet, we encounter people from all over the world. I love hearing their opinions about our political situations. Why on earth would they need to be from the U.S. in order to feel passionately about our politics? Nothing wrong with giving a damn about what goes on outside of our own yard. And most things affect ALL of us, so why shouldn't they care? We're all on the same planet.