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Fresh, clean air after a rain.


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@DandyDon Coffee...

That quote just made me think of this...

Kopi luwak is the world’s most expensive coffee. The main factor of it’s high price is the uncommon method of producing such a coffee. It has been produced from the coffee beans which have been digested by a certain Indonesian cat-like animal called then palm civet or also civet cat. This is the reason kopi luwak is also called cat poop coffee or civet cat coffee. The feces of this cat will be collected, finished and sold as kopi luwak.

I hope he's drinking kopi luwak, because the accuracy would be hillarious xD

Lavander or BlackXS.

fresh baked bread

@beachbum fresh baked bread

It’s an old Realtor’s trick. Put a drop or two of vanilla extract on a light bulb, turn on the light, and your house will be filled with the appealing scent of baked goods in the oven.

The smell of Autumn!

Cookies baking.
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@JanHaskell Cookies baking.

That would just get me hungry all the time xD

The ocean

That would be awful to not smell all the nice things. . I pick bleach and sun dried sheets then everything would seem clean to me.

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Mmmm .... lovely! l smilie

Oh that's a tough choice...I am gonna have to say roses

The smell at my Grandma's house at Christmas when she was making dinner on the farm back in the early 60's.

An evergreen forest.

Having a nose that has no ability to pick up a scent ..I would like to have the ability to smell a fart.Not to be an ass but I have always been curious as to why individuals run out of a room when someone wife farts on occasin during the night,and I giggle to myself and sometimes flap the sheets to get a whiff but ...just a cool breeze for me..nothing more.

Pine Trees.

Cool water