Are we born with an innate sense of faith?

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Faith? I'm unsure about that, but I'm leaning towards no. An awareness of a 'higher power', perhaps.

I know that *I was born with a sense of awe of caring towards my fellow creatures, and that my "holy longing" and spiritual yearning has never ended. I've never felt closer to the creator I know, than when I've felt empathy towards a fellow being, and or acted on that feeling.

Yes I think so. I also believe we have an innate sense or morality.

I think we are born with a sense of wonder.

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The goodness in life.

Pic of boy eating apple...he is eating it in absolute faith and trust of something good.

Yes, faith that someone will keep taking care of them.

No. Every generation has to learn for itself that the stove is hot.

It seems to me more an innate sense of trust, rather than faith. We all then have to learn not to trust. A bitter lesson for most. For me faith is something you learn about.

I was, pair that with a sense of trial and error.

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