So the truth comes out. You think only angry women dislike Trump. Maybe the real problem is that you are scared of strong women that won't sit quiet. Trump has never respected women and it isn't just women that recognize that.

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Amen. I'm very proud of every person who is against Trump, they can see his true colors, and it isn't pretty. His lies, disrespect for women, cheats, and much more to come.

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lol Children is doesn't do much good. They can't see the forest for the trees.

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I agree. They are now seeing what a disaster this president is.

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Yes, and most of the world leaders are shocked by what he is doing.... and what's to come.

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Very well said.

Not everyone thinks like that. Like Bozette said, some of the people that voted for Trump don't particularly like him. They just found him the lesser evil.

That being said, it's well known not only Women dislike Trump. If someone thinks like that, they're quite delusional. I know various guys, real life and on the internet, that don't like him in the least.

Now I have to ask this: who are you? I was having a conversation about this topic with another member, and this just make it seems I'm making this post in response to that, to make drama. (BTW, to the member I was speaking about this topic, I didn't do this - I always write under my own name). And since there's already another post in response to this... whoever you are, can you please stop? Be the better person, please. We have enough fights as it is. We don't need to add anonymous "fights" to that.

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And some really cool middle-aged white men.