Do you take naps?

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I try. Make the time, pull the shades, get all cozy, chance

Nope. I know many people that do, but I can't. If I take a nap, I either stay sleepy until I seriously sleep, or I'll stay wide awake for too long.

No. I've just rarely done that, except those times that a crisis prevented sleep at the usual time. The "usual" time has varied a lot, depending on my job and or other obligations.
I think it's great, that some people can take a nap and feel more energized afterwards.

I occasionally have insomnia issues and if I nap it just makes it worse but sometimes I just can't stay awake.

Not often but sometimes if i'm sitting in the recliner watching tv, i'll take one for about 15 or 20 minutes..

I love naps, but don't have much of an opportunity to take them.

When I need to.

Not normally... unless I'm not feeling well or can't sleep for some reason

Yes,every day.It''s a great pick me upper.

Oh I do but not by choice. My medication puts me to sleep.