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The ideal woman doesnt either

@Carla The ideal woman doesnt either

That's for sure, Carla....I know it applies to me. This post was meant as a joke.

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I'm all those things although I can get angry but never with a partner... not even my ex, still i see myself as far from perfect ... eek smilie

Just proves no one is perfect.hehe smilie

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I was feeling pretty good, until it said...angry.

lol My husband doesn't drink, doesn't swear, doesn't smoke, doesn't do drugs, but getting angry is a different story. lolhehe smiliehehe smilie

Lol. I kind of like the swearing if it's not used in a derogatory manner. And I don't mind angry. I can get pretty angry too xD But yeah, the "ideal" man lives only in my dreams.
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I don't do any of those, except some anger. y smilie

I don't exist? But... but... but I do exist.

I'm married to that ideal guy.

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