You remember something quicker if it has a strong feeling attached to the memory.

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That's very true.

I remember things about my pets....since there is/was such a strong feeling of attachment....

For sure.

Very true, Sofia!

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When i was 4, i had gotten a shot for something, maybe polio vaccination. I waz given the syringe, sans the needle. I was outside with a cup of water and my syringe saquirting happily.

My water ran out. So i went running down the driveway to go fill my cup.

My mother was in the yard, tending her grapevines and i turned as i was running to yell something to her....and bam! Ran straight into the rambler. Cracked open my head good.

Mom a ran to me, ran to the house and got a cloth, threw me into the car, and off went to the hospital. 6 stiches and a permanant scar in my eyebrow.

Made at least a yearly trip to the hospital every year, at least once till i wax 15 following that.

I have many scars and many mended bones.

I'll never forget the time i was eating a grilled cheese sandwich...cut diagonally with the crust cut off.....and dropped a skillet on my foot..

@Sofia What a specific and interesting event. Is your foot still alive?

My foot is okay thanks...
I guess some feelings can make you remember specific things..

@DandyDon My foot is okay thanks... I guess some feelings can make you remember specific things..

Yeah... like the time I went butt down the marble damned stairs in my house... Pretty sure that will always stay there in the back of my mind and how much it hurt.
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That is because emotions and memory are inextricably linked.

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Yes . pain retains my friend... Keep pushin