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Wounds heal, scars stay. I can vouch that this is true, both physically and emotionally.

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@Masha Wounds heal, scars stay. I can vouch that this is true, both physically and emotionally.

And Masha it is true physical scars stay. People have been telling me for years to not be weak minded... You are not weak minded if you are diseased by PTSD or depression or anxiety. It is an illness that someone must admit then get treated for. It was funny before I even hit high school I thought that mentally ill people was a hoax. Now the hard way I find out that is simply not true. God bless people...and Masha

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Understandable. Not everyone will fit in this.

“This is a general tendency for everyone,” said Clifford Nass, a professor of communication at Stanford University. “Some people do have a more positive outlook, but almost everyone remembers negative things more strongly and in more detail.”

You are one of the few :D

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Lol xD

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Negative events usually visit you in the middle of the night, just for a little reminder..

Yes, and I'm much better at remembering insults than complements.

Yes!!! For a fact. I can go on about this... But from personal experience if you feel physical or emotional pain-- you will remember clearly so you can avoid it. Also, if you think about in your personal life.. All the good you have done will be nullified by a simple mistake, and all your accomplishments will be forgotten by the majority. It is painful to hear but truthful.

It is true that pain retains...... I was in the military( won't specify) and telling you that negative feelings.... Whether gunshot to the chest...or gunshot to your friends face..or name calling to you constantly

Well coming from the military(won't specify) bullet to the chest.. Or blown up friend.. Or name calling... It is all name calling.. You will remember that before any medal or honor you earn. Or so called praised and "thank yous" . Negative is easily remembered because your human instinct to avoid it for survival