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I change my comments all the time, but usually it's just to correct or reword something.

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But that's fine with you, huh... Chico? :)

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That always makes people giggle...

No..only if i need to correct something.

I make my comment after reading the question and that's it..

No. Sometimes my opinion changes, but I'm still right.

I change my comment for:

  • grammar mistakes
  • if I see something is not being explained well or can be said better with other words - that happens because of the whole translation thing.
  • if I forgot to say something
  • if after I read the other comments I see I got the post wrong, I write an edit, giving my response to what the post is really talking about.

sometimes but rarely ever. most of the time i just tweak the comment to make it make more sense or to remove unneeded words.

I have before for a comment that didn't make sense.

I think a comment but sometimes at the last minute, eye might catch another comment... Intrigued, than I might read all of them... I may or not change my comment a fraction or say something like..."I agree with what Jim said...above..."

Sometimes people will Comment so well-expressed, and so eloquently it takes my breath away. And/or there is information - like an explanation - which makes aforementioned comments seem stupid. Then I will also change my comment...

I generally skim my,.. That gd spell self-corrected me again! It's so clever... And yes, I know I can turn it off but it helps me more than it hinders.... It's good to proof-read.

Rarely. 乂º◡º乂 opinion doesn't revolve around the opinions of others

No. I change my comment to correct a typing mistake of some kind, those rare times that I notice it before it's too late to 'edit'. redface smilie

Never. I may correct a spelling error but that's about it.

If I discover that someone else have made almost the same points already, I may remove my own.

@HegeMarie If I discover that someone else have made almost the same points already, I may remove my own.

I seem to accidentally have removed DandyDons reply when I tried answering him. That's a first. Didn't even know that it was possible or how I did it.. But can see how that would annoy everyone

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not usually, unless it turns out i misunderstood a post or something

Sometimes I misunderstand the question, so I have to change the comment.

I have deleted my own comments when I think that I have posted something times

I typically comment before reading.

Not often, I usually have no time to read comments, Sometimes others comments make me think smilie