How fossil fuels may actually be saving the earth

It's an interesting theory, what do you think? You see, all life on earth is carbon based, and over the vast expanse of time since life began on earth, carbon has been gradually locked up in vegetation and deposited in layers of soil that eventually become underground carbon formations. Since there is no natural mechanism for this locked up carbon to reenter the system, the amount of carbon in the biosphere has been steadily declining. Eventually, in a few million years, so much of the carbon in the biosphere would have become locked up in the earth's crust that the carbon cycle would no longer be able to function and all life on earth would die off. Fortunately for the long term future of the planet, humans have been seeking out all that locked up carbon, that essential building block of life, and returning it to the biosphere where most of it is harmlessly stored in the world's oceans, to be gradually released as levels in the atmosphere fall, so, thanks to human activity, life on earth will be able continue for many millions of years longer than it would have otherwise.