Friday Funnies! A man sits reading his paper when his wife enters the house. She approaches him in a most provocative manner and says in a soft sweet voice, “Have you ever seen a $20.00 bill all crumpled up?” Not knowing what to make of this situation and what was coming, he says “No”. Pursing her lips she gives him a sexy little smile and reaches into her cleavage and slowly pulls out a $20.00 bill. Then stepping in a little closer to him she asks in a very low sexy voice, “Have you ever seen $50.00 all crumpled up?” Getting more and more intrigued, he again responds, “No”. To which she gives him an even more seductive sexy smile and reaches into the waistband of her slacks and ever so slowly pulls out a crumpled $50 bill. Now, she bends way down and quietly whispers in his ear, “Have you ever seen $30,000 all crumpled up?” Totally confused and quite excited, he stammers, “No -o-o-o-o.” “Well then”, she says……”go take a peek in the garage!”