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He forgot to ban those coming in from Saudi Arabia..... the country where the 9/11 terrorists came from. Wonder why? Could it be that Trump has financial interests in Saudi? And the answer is yes. It's all about money with Trump.

Not all republicans are Christians, polls show most Muslims are republicans because their socially conservative policies are in-line with Islamic values: anti-choice, anti-gay, pro-theocracy, xenophobic, capital-centric, etc.

It could be an option..

If they started screaming, hollering, name calling, rioting, rotating their heads 360 degrees like a liberal...that surely wouldn't get them anywhere..

A cowardly anonymous author who puts out an opinion just to piss people off and stays away from the conversation so as to not get his/or her ass verbally kicked.

Religion matters! Christians would NEVER EVER try to force their beliefs into law!! NAHHH!! Chill B! Chill Wit Dat! When has a christian EVER tried to effect policy to match their narrow set of rules? Couldn't be!!