You've hired people to help you. It's good to keep an eye on them, Amirite?

At one time I was of the opinion...let them go and do their job...but as I noticed things going missing...I'm not so sure about that opinion anymore....

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Definitely, I have trust issues with people.

Yes I hire people often
No I don't worry about being taken advantage of. Leave my door open, I tell them to stop by any time to do the work. I leave cash on the table and tell them to take their pay and leave the rest. Never once had anything go missing.
Once I had a painter and a roofer on the same day while I was at work, I left $3000 on the kitchen table. The painter took $400 and the roofer took $2400, there was $200 on the table when I got home.

Yup, that's normally the best thing to do for what I know.

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Honestly I could see where it would be a good idea because sadly ya just can't trust people nowadays.

I would just rather do it myself

That's why i don't hire people to help me..

If you go to the store to get a box of crackers, you have to keep an eye on people..

And what your parents doing in our life?

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