Would you , if you desperately wanted a Baby and the Man you are with and are in Love with and want to spend the rest of your Life with is infertile ? I would , after all it's only one night of Sex for a Lifetime of happiness.

I've thought of the implications long and hard , I'm not a heartless bitch and I'm not a dumb ass , what would you or what would you of done had it happened to you ?

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I think you left something out of your question??????

As the guy, if me and my partner wanted kids and i was shooting blanks, I'd work something out with her... like a sperm donor etc... above all it's important to be honest and talk about these things if you love your partner enough to want to be parents.

Or go the turkey baster route

You could adopt...no cheating and a lifetime of happiness.

If you are planning to have a one nightstand & cheat for the sake of having a baby...sorry but that truly makes you a dumbass ain't no way around that one.

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I see it as a no win scenario. When something goes wrong with the relationship, the donor (witting or unwitting) can be held liable for support of the child. If you want a child, either adopt or go to reputable sperm bank (with the consent and support of your spouse).

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