Before you get married to someone else, you should first get married to yourself... Amirite?

Repeat after me: I love and accept myself for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in good health or bad...while making lousy lifestyle decisions or good ones...I shall not once indulge in self-judgement or self-hatred...Self-pity shall be my enemy...I will be kind toward myself as long as I shall live. So shall it be. Amen.

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I can go with all but self judgement. If i dont do that, i may repeat something thatcwoukd rather not. But the rest........intil death do i part, i will

@Carla Yes

I shoulda phrased it as "negatively crippling self-judgment...the point when judges oneself so severely it can become difficult to make decisions...

This obviously doesn't include you. Babe. It does some people but usually early on in life....

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Its all about permanacy and fidelity.

Pretty lofty goals

@Carla Its all about permanacy and fidelity. Pretty lofty goals

Marriage is about 2 people getting stuck in each other's life.

Forever, or until one gets a good lawyer.



That is one of them most beautiful "explained by's" that I have ever read.

Yea I am guilty as hell when it comes to self-judgement. Well I was but I ain't anymore. I made the choice to change some things in my life & now I am a hell of a lot happier.

I am married to my self. I tell my self every day I should see other people.

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Is that part of the nuptials...? I wonder why...?

Nice sentiment. It's not as easy as that.

as far as i know...you cant self marry....granted that a self hand job may be ferfilling but not sure if it can justify ..man with penis in hand can go threw the religious nuptuals

Why do people think you alone are responsible for what you are? In fact, you are the product of parenting and you will NEVER get far from your upbringing. If your mommy didn't teach you social graces, you will spend your entire life just pretending to be normal. If your daddy didn't teach you the attitudes and responsibilities of a successful person , you are not likely to ever learn them.

Everything you are was given to you.

@Sukiesnow That's a pretty depressing comment...hmm?


Of course, some people get depressed when they are humbled. I have no advice for that.