When was the last time you were easily entertained?

Oh I am easily entertained all the time...

Last time were some delightful bears in the Wal-Market

Image for post When was the last time you were easily entertained?
44% Oh it was this_____ 11% I ain't ever 22% I plead the 5th 22% Other
Lil_Princesss avatar TV, Movies & Theatre
6 10

About an hour ago, watching the teenaged boys across the street playing basketball.

10 minutes ago, when my shi tzu was chasing her "bigball". She is as good as any soccer player, playing in a house, could be.

Carlas avatar Carla Oh it was this_____ +3Reply

Not counting right now?? About an hour ago when grandson got some wall sticking goo and ran around the house throwing it on my 100+ hand painted wood. It didn't hurt anything so it was funny when he would yell, "I don't want you," and smacked it on the door or the ceiling.

hehe smilieIt really was. He is such an entertainer!

I'm easy to entertain, so... all the time? If it's entertainment, that's how I take it. I rarely get bothered by it.

Sofias avatar Sofia Oh it was this_____ +3Reply

I'm easily entertained every day. Delighting in everyday events will do it for you.

Not now. Snow covered the dish so I have no tv no idea what is going on in the world

Okay so this is how I spend my Friday evening. Omg that was soooo much work just to get one video from my phone to this site. I need a nap now.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="YouTube video thumbnailameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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