STD's really let you know your other half is fucking around. Amirite? how would you react?

Be honest now , we're all friends here , also the one with the STD could be the Woman , so yes Men this post is also for you.
25% I would be so angry 8% I would try to deal with it in a calm manner 8% I have no idea 58% Other
2 9

I might go to jail.......

Carlas avatar Carla Other +2Reply

If I was seeing someone & that happened I would hit that son of bitch with a 2 x4 & walk away like a boss

Never gave it a moments thought. After 40 years of being together, I guess it shows we never needed to.

STDs (or STIs) are treatable. I'd be more concerned with them feeling the need to have sex with someone else behind my back.

StickCavemans avatar StickCaveman I would try to deal with it in a calm manner 0Reply

I just wouldn't call again. When the phone doesn't ring, she'll know it's not me.

you can get STDS from sitting on a toilet seat...doesn't mean your significant other is cheating...have a sit down and calmy take about it

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