Have you ever felt as though you were a terrible failure to yourself??

Been cigarette free for months. I have one overwhelming week. Go away for the weekend and break down and smoke. The lie i told myself was i would only smoke a couple.
By the end of the weekend, i polished off nearly a pack. Now thats all i can think about.

Now i fear, i have to start all over again.

Going for a spirometry tomorrow, and the doc will know. Complete failure.
Sometimes stress will make you do things.

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More times than I should, I think.

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Absolutely! Then I have to get to work to take my mind off myself. Sanding and staining windowsills were my target. We have about 55 - I only have about 10 to go. I put my irritation to work for me and I change my patterns so I am not tempted to fall back into my bad habit. Coffee=smoking so go to tea or milk. Milk and cigs ugh.
Most of all I had to stop beating myself up and keep trying. Good luck Carla.

No. But close. And stress will make you do things. Don't quit unless you are 99% sure of success...altho...even trying can be perceived as a success.

Yep! I know that exact feeling well. It took me a lot of tries to quit smoking. You just gotta lift your chin up and start again. You'll get there. :)

I have, and also that I've been a "failure" to others. Neither feeling is good, for damn sure.

What I know with certainty, is that beating oneself up for very long, doesn't help anything one whit.

@Piper2 I have, and also that I've been a "failure" to others. Neither feeling is good, for damn sure. What I...

You are right.
Starting the process again.
I will get it to stick.
Just very disappointed in myself.
No choice but to get over it...

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Hey listen Carla, nicotine is VERY addictive.
Your halfway or more to beating one of the toughest addictions. That's why it's hard, but your already on your way. Keep going 😋

@Daver Hey listen Carla, nicotine is VERY...

Thanks daver.
It is a tough go.
But....i WILL prevail!!

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Now I know that is a lie.

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Oh yeah, especially in finals when you see other people pulling trough but you barely keep up and end up falling down.

I am occasionally displeased with what I do, but never to the extend of evaluating myself as a terrible failure. It is both good and bad that I have always done the best I could at the time, and I take that into account when judging myself.

Sure but I don't need to talkabout the bad things since I am happy with myself most of the time.

Oh I had that kinda day the other day. I am pretty sure if anyone knew or heard what I was thinking someone would have smacked the tar out of me. I feel a 100 percent better but I had to make some personal changes in order to feel that way.

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