You would never hit a girl. Amirite?

Image for post **You would //never// hit a girl.** //Amirite?//
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I would.

Edit: I prefer not hitting anyone, but if someone comes after me, I'll defend myself, I don't care about the gender.

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Not unless im under attack. And attack can mean many things.....

I'm guessing you mean in a domestic relationship situation so yes definitely agree with that. But if it was in self defense where I couldn't find another way to avoid it, I would hit anyone, but otherwise i go out of my way to avoid any kind of violence.

I would never hit anyone

Sisters, when you are 7 don't count. Other than that, I've never raised my hand to a girl or a woman.

I play Roller Derby

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I wouldn't hit that girl in the pic though if she were like a real girl.

What Dallas said. 乂ᵒ _ᵒ乂

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I would make a sexual comment but the thought of you being sexual is just weird. It's like "heh heh heh did you hear about your ass conspiracy, the government is invading your hole" haha just no conspiracy theorists and sex never mix

While I might have been raised to be a lady, I ain't afraid to fight

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I wouldn't hit period.

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I don't believe in violence if it can be avoided

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that depends, are you for real equality or only when it fits your needs, i would never hit someone period. man or women, but if someone attacks me, I do not much care what gender you are i will defend myself

Avoiding physical conflict is a must in any situation, but if you mean in self defense women can hit other women, but if a man hits a woman in self defense he will still get blamed or even hit by another man.

If they were hitting me I would try to grab their arms first and warn them to stop it. If they did not stop, then yes. But I would not use my fist. I would use an open hand.

All females are human beings. As Joe Kenda, the Homicide Hunter says, humans are the most violent species on the planet. Sometimes there is no other way to prevent harm to yourself or others.

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You were a bouncer... I can imagine that... Imagine 2 girls fighting...somewhat scary.

How was/is being a bouncer and a mod on AM similar?

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I'll bet girls fighting is a weird kind of frightening experience.


I believe you. When I came back from wherever I was... I was surprised to find you accepted....