It's easier resolving other people's issues than your own. Amirite?

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It's easy solving other people's problems. Doesn't mean they are gonna follow what you say... That's a different problem entirely.

You can't make people do anything. You can only advise as to what problem exists in the moment. And that's pretty easy and logical.

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Generally people want an issue solved logically...what else is there?

You can always add some empathy, by knowing the people involved...great - more power to you. But the "emotional area is a whole other realm" one that they can still be advised on but the solution still exists within the emotions of the advice-seekers...like: what feels right to me?

But you can't fix anything. One thing that sometimes helps is to tell people what you might do in a similar situations.

Seriously...anything helps...as sometimes people love to have any kind of help...or insight, in order to help sort out an emotional situation.

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Sometimes I have glimpses of clarity. Which I am thankful for...

It's not easy tho when you are caught up in an issue, which I know you know.

Honestly yes it is a whole hellava lot easier solving others issues than it is my own.

My new way of problem solving for myself is screw it I am done & move on. Seems to be working. I ain't stressed anymore biggrin smilie

@Lil_Princess Honestly yes it is a whole hellava lot easier solving others issues than it is my own. My new way of problem...

Seriously, riight? Gimme any problem...snap solved...just like that...

For yourself: doing what might be right and, then, listening to your feelings about it... Two different situations...

Sure...Its better to give than receive..

you need to be a step away

I'm able to look in the mirror and recognize my own issues. I won't pretend to know all the complexities behind other peoples issues enough to resolve them.

No way. I keep my nose out of another's business. They are the only ones to dissolve their problems, not me.

Because you can look at it objectively. But if they follow your instructions or not, that's another thing.

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