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I'll be friends with just about anyone if they are honest with me.

What dd said.....

@Carla What dd said.....

I'm finding that it's rare to have friends that can accept, friends can have a difference in opinions..

Thanks for being one of them..

Be a friend..

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Im your friend, only took one doobie and electric shock therapy


We're All it took was being nice to one another.

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Exactly. Neither one of us are back stabbers, but we do watch each other's backs. That's what friends are for.

Not stab me. Be honest.

Nothing. Just be themselves and wait a long time..... I don't give my friendship lightly or quickly. I have a lot of acquaintances but few friends.

Be a friend first.

Treat me well and let me now I can trust them. I really don't ask for a lot.

Be honest. But to be honest, not to be needy. I've learned that the needy ones tend to betray you.

Be nice, be around.

I really don't want any more friends like the ones I have met so far.

Very little---I always give people the benefit of the doubt. Remaining my friend has some reasonable conditions, and I'm sure you can guess most of them.

Be around me for long enouth to show their true color, a person can not pretend for too long.

Offer their time, compassion and honesty; being respectful of my ideas and thoughts, even if we do not constantly agree. I can not fathom being friends with a fake yes man type.