Men are chefs. Women are cooks. Still not much change after all these years. Amirite?

Ask any household: who does the cooking? Chances are it's the woman.

Image for post **Men are chefs. Women are cooks.** //Still not much change after all these years.// **Amirite?**
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Whoop-de-doop... Still...who cooks your dinner?

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Did you always cook?

Most of the reno shows I watch have the men criticizing the reno of the kitchen when they never do the cooking. But that is early on in the relationship...

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He was a convict at one time.

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Gordon Ramsey?

@TomboyJanet Gordon Ramsey?

Yes. He had a really rough life... Now he's a sought after chef.

Well I have paid attention and asked around but it seems to almost always be the case that men do more cooking at home now

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Not necessarily. I've known female "chefs", and I know in many households the men often do the cooking, too.

I think you're probably right, though. More often than not, it is still the woman who ends up doing the cooking.....

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There are plenty of female chefs, and plenty of male cooks. The job title is not based on gender. Who does the cooking in your home is up to your family, not me.

Also think about this, Men belong in the kitchen... he he he

Women used to be completely subservient to men. There's been immense change. "Chef" is a title received after completing a culinary school. Women have just as much opportunity to be a chef as men do.

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