Is the Muslim Ban Slight of Hand or a Test Run?

The Muslim ban is too ridiculous for words but for those with minimal information who continue to accept the hype of terrorism I'm sure it sounds prudent at this juncture. The fact that it's unconstitutional doesn't seem to matter since their lord Trump has decreed it nor does the fact that you have a better chance of being struck by lightning or being killed by police than killed by a terrorist. They ignore his ceaseless lies or as the right calls them "alternative facts" The fact that he lies about things that are so easily disproved shows his total contempt for his own base. His authoritarian style rule is also somewhat disturbing since he now has nothing less than a dictators kit at his command.
It's actually funny when he signs yet another EO which, under Obama, would have had them screaming dictator. Looking real serious as he waves it in front of the crowd like it's show and tell he sits there with that smug look like the pompous ass he is. It's obvious he doesn't know anything about it past the title but narcissists like ceremony for everything they do. He actually signed an EO to declare his inauguration day the "National Day of Patriotic Devotion". Not patriotism but patriotic devotion like a good little Godhead. I'm sure his support takes that bullshit very seriously even though he took the page from Kim Jung Un's notebook.
I had hoped that the approval seeking narcissist in him might force him to actually do some good but that's being proven wrong day after day. He's actually going to great length to see the wealth gap expands as quickly as possible. 80% of his tax cuts go to the top 10% and corporate taxes slashed to ensure corporate dominance in all policy. His cabinet was a major clue but the Trumpsters now think Goldman Sachs was Goodwill. After all orange Twitler said it was so.
So the question becomes is this ban a smoke screen for the immediate give away of 3.3 million acres of federal land among other nefarious deeds, a test run to see how much oppression the public will tolerate or both?