But like, why can't we be nice to each other...whether or not you want something...? Why do you have to wait until you want something from someone...in order to become nice? Amirite?

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Even from a business acquaintance...it shows a lack of integrity...

Being nice can be easy.... trust, is a whole different story.

@JustJimColo Being nice can be easy.... trust, is a whole different story.

You two must be twin souls... Jim meet Tiffanee... Tiff...Jim...he's been on here for a while but it seems like forever.

See? There.

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If you really like someone Marky...can't you sometimes get a bit possessive?

Who's silly post is...never mind.

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You and I went to a party together...and quickly separated ways after announcing our arrival to the host/hostess...

Eh? Same party-type..,only a few different faces.

You are nice to me since, frankly, you want sex. (We do have some kind of magnetism....)

I'm nice to you since I don't want sex...it's only been, what...a month into our relationship... All my gf's have said it's too early.

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Put that up in a post Marky...please.

I've been seeing this woman for a month. There was a strong attraction. We've been doing the usual: movies, dinners. Late nights in front of the fireplace. No sex.

Still a strong attraction. What do you think Ann Landers? Do you think I should wait it out... Or give it up...since according to todays' standards...3 or more dates and that should be it.

We really do get along fine. I don't know what to do...and friends have suggested I ask you. So please. And thank you.
Love, The Canadian.

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Yes. I agree.

It's way too far above the way you have to go.

And what's with this "Not my style"... Like aka...she dumped me but that's okay 'cause she's NOT my style anyway.

Slick like rotten oil . Gotta upgrade that line Marky.

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Thanks Will...sounds fishy to me... And all of a sudden...there's a "girlfriend" from out of nowhere...! Like jumping out of a cake...no one knew she ever existed...but voilà...and how convenient.

Is there a hotline like there is for pizza...? Ha.

What EVERYONE said....

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@Carla What EVERYONE said....

Wait 'til you read what Markymark and I are saying...

@Sukiesnow Wait 'til you read what Markymark and I are saying...

Well.........except that.
Thats between you two;)

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@Carla Well.........except that. Thats between you two;)

Oh hey. That' what you say when someone you don't want is sticking their nose in...hehe smilie And you can still read....

@Carla ???

You can still intrude during an interaction...or you can stand there and listen. Just like you would if you were at any party.

Its obvious when someone starts being nice to you in order to get something from you. The falseness oozes from them

I try to be nice to everyone, and especially nice to my enemies....kill 'em with kindness, they don't know how to react to niceness. lol They get all flustered. lol

Just be nice to everyone you can...the best part of being nice is doing it to those who are hateful...it pisses them off..lol

@Carla Doesnt it though?

Perhaps it doesn't piss them off but it makes me feel better not being angry

@RECRUIT Perhaps it doesn't piss them off but it makes me feel better not being angry

Oh, i enjoy being nice to someone who is being hateful. They usually go away still mad, but dont know why

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Every medal has two sides, and also kindness and respect toward others may be one-sided, but we can, at least, say that we made the effort.

Even if some will cite:
"No good deed goes unpunished." - Clare Boothe Luce

Image in content

we ought to try again - for our own conscience
"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." - Aesop

and be at least polite, if kindness does not help.

@Carla Words to live by, in life as well

Yes, in many things, one has to try several times till succeeding, or, at least, progressing.

Every day involves also some new starts ...

Yea.. i'm about to go all Tasmanian Devil, if i don't start getting what i want..

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Oh I am nice to everyone & it ain't cause I want something it is just who I am. I will say that my niceness does have its limit & when I am done, I am done completely. So many people in my life have pushed that button why to many times. If someone only wants be nice to me because they want something well those people can kiss my ass.

My sister in law tried that. She ain't talked to me in 8 months then came to my house for money for my brother. It didn't work. She tried hard to sweet talk me in to it. After I wouldn't budge she played the guilt card that I didn't love my brother. I smiled & say nope I sure the hell don't & slammed the door in face.

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