Do you ever get Paranoid on these social network sites at times , wonder if a post or a comment is actually being directed at you ?

There are no facial expressions , no tell tale signs like body language , no side way glances that you would get in real life if someone was talking about you. How do you deal with that feeling ? Just curious , just bored , just thought I would pass the time. Now I'm off ...bye

Image for post Do you ever get Paranoid on these social network sites at times , wonder if a post or a comment is actually being directed at you ?
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That's why I use gifs and the emoticons so much. It helps expressing the "tone" that can't be heard. Even that way, things can be misunderstood easily.

If I really think it's about me, I'll PM the person, asking if it's about me.

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Nope. The internet is not real life.

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Well, you know I'm real. My point was that getting upset over something that some stranger says on a website shouldn't ever make someone paranoid, depressed, etc.

Of course, if it's a stalker, that's a whole different ballpark.

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Yes, I know you are real - I know you can walk and chew gum at the same time!

I dont have access to imogis ant the like. I try to word things carefully so my intentions are evident.

I really dont care what most think.

Only one even knows who i am.
I will keep it that way.

No, never have been paranoid about it. There have been a few times when I knew a post or comment was directed at me, but I never reported them or anything.
For instance, when I've commented on a post and someone says "blah blah ...and that weird one with a hat is here.... blah blah", and I'm the only one there with an avatar with a hat, it's pretty clear that the comment was directed at me. biggrin smilie

No. Never. If it is, it is. not my problem.

No. If someone on this site wants to direct a post or comment at me, he/she should include my member name in the text. I'm not very good at picking up on things like that.

Oh heavens no that is stupid. If someone has an issue with me that is their problem not mine nor do I really care. If someone thinks I am talking about them than they are more stupid than I thought because I ain't about to waste my thoughts or time on people I don't give a shit about.

Sadly some suffer from paranoid delusions & think everything is about them. All I got to say is if the shoe fits wear it. They like to play that victim card & be a little bitch for attention. Its kinda pathetic. I would be ashamed to act that way if it was me.

Not really. I know when a comment is directed at me, and all the denial in the world won't change it.

Yes, on occasion.