Do the words WARNING: Disturbing footage make you want to watch more...or less?

31% More 44% Less 25% Other
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No kidding, Tiffanee... Big time therapy is needed. ASAP.


Those pre-show warnings appear only to protect the networks which air the shows from sensitive viewers who may be offended by the content

Okay I will admit makes me wanna watch it more. I have seen a lot in my life & somethings just don't bother me like they do others

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Oh those have brought me to tears. I did a charity some charity work once for an against animal abuse group & seen some horrifying footage. Its something I ain't forgot.

I have seen enough death,destruction,blood,gore, and evil for 15 lifetimes. Besides fake stuff like horror movies, I try to not subject yself to it anymore

What is it? eyes smilie

I could post some videos.

smirk smilie

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Depends on the site. On Facebook that means "not worth a click."

all the time

Depends, some things are really disturbing, I had a very bad experience with graphic footage when I was little.