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On shows like Dr Phil...they always require every fucking single detail...of every "interaction" always makes me think they are all a bunch of dirty voyeurs.

There is possibly a reason for it...other than interesting TV viewing...but I dunno...

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And it's like they are chatting for viewers...but also...he talked about every TMI...

I know they go over it so the 15 year-old (with the 37 year-old guy) can realize she is too young to be doing shit like screwing the father of her BFF.

Dr. Phil has really gone downhill in the not-so-recent past.:)

because I like details

@TomboyJanet because I like details

It always makes me feel like a voyeur...and I must not be a voyeur since it makes me a bit uncomfortable...

You a bit of a voyeur, Janet? :)

Find the perp. Not "Soooo, what did he do then..." OR "Did you like it?" Just Too Much.