Disliking a religion is not Racist

Why is it taboo to say I don't like a certain religion? There are billions of religions out there and there are even some that suggest for example that we should perform sacrifices and even cannibalism. We have no problem condemning these types of religions when its smaller known or more foreign to us but when it becomes more popular suddenly "hey don't tell me I can't eat people! I have the freedom to believe and practice whatever I want!"

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I agree. Ideology of superiority, entitlement and conquest knows no color or nationality. At one time or another, ALL races or nationalities, somewhere in the world have adopted that belief.
It's what people do about it is what counts in the end.

religion is not a race.


I don't dislike any religions, I just don't agree with them.

Hate them all

I wouldn't be so sure...lots of things are racist these days..

Or prejudice. Religions are just opinions that have sets of rituals.

Religion and race are two different things