Trump: The Best Recruitment Tool ISIS Ever Had

I really don't understand how anyone would think Trump's ban on Muslims would make the country safer. Then again, I didn't think anyone was stupid enough to vote for the guy much less elect him. I always knew people were stupid I just didn't think there were that many people who were that stupid. The fact is Trump has just given ISIS the best recruitment tool they've ever had and made the radicalization of young people in the US exponentially easier. He is the proof ISIS was looking for that the US hates Muslims. His supporters still haven't figured it out even after he gave cabinet posts to the very creatures he was supposed to be draining the swamp of.. Corporations weren't satisfied with merely writing legislation now they go straight from the boardroom to the WH. Seven members from Goldman Sachs, the CEO of Exxon and the rest of his billionaire ball busters have seized the seats of power and are poised to remove any obstacles to their dream of world domination.
ISIS has been dancing in the streets since Trump's election and he is giving them more than they had ever hoped for. At this point I would like to play the national anthem and thank Trump supporters for being as dumb and ignorant as it is possible for a human being to be because antagonizing the rest of the world and stirring hate will keep us safe and being the tough guy bully, especially with Americans, will make us great again.