25% of all Mammals are at Risk of Extintion

Might as well face it. We are over the brink. We have created dozens of environmental feedback loops that can't be stopped or even slowed down and those are just the ones we know about. There are likely dozens more that remain, as yet, undiscovered. It's disturbing enough that we've lost a third of coral reefs to warming ocean waters, amphibians in drastically reduced numbers and bee colony destruction we now have yet another nail in the coffin of humanity. Mammals are also paying the price for mans pursuit of wealth above all. Welcome to the sixth mass extinction event. Congratulations, you are making history and some day people will look back and. . . Oh wait. There won't be any !
But still, congratulations. Is this your first extinction? Mine too
The chances of survival are progressively dropping as the results of our disregard for the environment are beginning to surface. The bleaching of coral reefs is the result of rising ocean temperatures due to global warming. Coral reefs take thousands of years to develop and they are the spawning grounds for most marine animals. Additional CO2 is doing more than warming the planet. It's acidifying the ocean. This in turn dissolves the shells of crustaceans and up the food chain it marches. If you have grandchildren forget about college and invest in survival training.