Being disrespectful is the new "IN" thing to do.

Empathy and sympathy are endangered ideals in today's world, where people fight for their rights to harass gay couples, cyberbully, stalk, grope, and upset grieving families with loud humiliating protests. This is not the world I want to live in. This is not the United States what promises the right of a pursuit of happiness any longer.

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Good point Janet, and it will continue to get worse as long as Trump is president. To mock a disabled person as Trump has done, others will think it's OK, disrespect women...some will think that's OK too.

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I cant hardly stomache that this could go on for four years.

I listen to him and his minions and i am mortified.

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Isolationism. Just like russia. Lets how well that works for the job market.
No one eill take our products.

You are in the right business. Hospitals are going to be needed.

I agree! Look at Berkeley students! Totally disrespectful

Get a grip Janet. You are way over acting.

PS - No one if fighting to harass gay couples.

@Budwick I agree! Look at Berkeley students! Totally disrespectful Get a grip Janet. You are way over acting. PS...

I don't condone destruction of property (and I made a political cartoon about it criticizing both sides if you check my Deviantart page called "We should Totes Riot Bro" ) But there are people who think they have the right to yell FAGGOT!! at passing gay couples (yes this has happened to me but the word was Fucking "Dyke") I see that as harassment, and I also see the Westboro "protests" as legalized harassment disguised as a protest. Now people want to be able to throw gays out of their stores (horrible) effectively creating a segregation. Businesses did that to the blacks in LA in the 50s, now we have the bloods and crips.

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I accept that people have different opinions, I don't accept when people yell "faggot" or "you're going to hell" at others. That is just indecency at it's finest

Its no much that they are fighting for the rights do those things. Its that they have been given the right by the role model they have elected.

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You are correct.
But i think his words and behaviors give people a percieved permission to act out and speak out in inappopriate ways.

Even here there are people speaking of going to the streets to "help" law enforcement and being involved in a physical civil war.

I have never heard anyone speak like this.

It has been for a time now. You want an example? Look at the high school cliches that you see on the entertainment world. The "populars" tend to be the assholes, don't they?

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That crap has been going on for a long time. People are just now taking notice cause it is what is in the news. So now everyone is in an uproar.

Being disrespectful will never be an "in" thing if people don't let it. It ain't something I have any interest in doing.

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