Almost everyone who would consider themselves open minded, logical or reasonable never seem to actually know anything about the alternate views to their positions.

If you preach about how logical it is for same sex marriage and that it's not a choice who you find attractive but would then condemn a pedophile to rot in jail and would happily throw the death penalty on them, then you don't think rationally. If you hate how trump supporters seem to cause and spread violence and then condone attacking people at a Milo talk then you are not rational. Nobody wants to even listen to these alternate views and then are happy to grossly misrepresent them.

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The smart people do, though.

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%100 agree

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That would be the fault of those expressing them for not clearly explaining them. If people have a perception about someone's viewpoint that is untrue it means they have failed to properly express it the way they wish it to come across. I can actually see how a lot of conservative ideology could be reached mentally I just disagree with it. Disagreements are still legal and normal last time I looked....for now

@TomboyJanet That would be the fault of those expressing them for not clearly explaining them. If people have a perception about...

So your position is if you got it wrong, after no attempt on your own to look into an alternate point of view its their fault that you remain ignorant? Again... irrational. And I never brought up the legality of disagreement. I only bring up rational thought and being reasonable people towards alternate views. not necessarily agreeing with them

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I don't agree with people shoving it in peoples faces either. I'm sorry that you feel bombarded or pressured. I don't want people to agree with or learn through what people are spouting or preaching. Just for people to do their own research and form their own opinions thats not driven by lack of information from another view.

Sadly but it is true but some won't believe it is.

It is illogical to not know at most of the alternative postions views, you will lose most arguments by a landslide without that knowledge.

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Give you an example. I am an Asian, and I fully understand the crisis white people are facing that they are losing their status in this country, and sometimes even under-previliged. I can stand for Asians and few people gonna object that, but what if a white stand for whites? They call him Nazi or Neo-Nazi. That's ridiculous, and Name-calling is silly. I actually agree with many points of the altright in terms of illegal immigrants, radical muslims, and the pride of white people. How about me leaving the white country and going back to China. Sounds good, but I am NOT going back to my homeland, "this land is your land, this land is my land"

Whoa! Too many subjects in one post. Figure out what you want to talk about and put it in a post by itself.

I know others' views. I am open to changing my mind on certain things. There are some values and beliefs I will never give up, like having integrity,or trying to do as best as I can to help the planet. If I find something that makes sense, is backed by fact, and is contradictory to what I knew, I would change my mind.

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Carmo, your explanatory statement for this poll confused me. What does same sex marriage have to do with pedophilism and what do Trump supporters have to do with Milo protestors (they are different demographics of people)? For example, I am a Trump supporter, but I agree with a lot of what Milo has to say. What gets me, is when I try to engage a liberal person in a rational, logical discussion about an issue, it always ends up with the liberal shouting insults at me after I successfully counter every one of his/her arguments.

@goblue1968 Carmo, your explanatory statement for this poll confused me. What does same sex marriage have to do with...

Sorry I didn't intend any of them as an argument on their own rather encouraging logical and reasonable thought in general (including liberals). As someone pointed out maybe I should make a few other posts for each topic and expand.

They are usually just to stupid to understand the alternatives or they suffer from a severe case of "confirmation bias."