How would you save the European Union?

The EU has hit a rough patch. Britain has chosen to leave, other nations are considering leaving. If you were to advise them, what would you suggest the best course of action would be to save the EU?

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I'll see that question and raise you one more!

Why would you save the European Union?

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hmm smilie I got nothing. I think I need to worry about my own issues before worrying about someone else

I think they need a new deal. Britain is the canary in the coal mine, therefore, they need to come up with an arrangement that is acceptable to Britain that applies evenly to all European states. That means more autonomy for states, the right for nations to restrict immigration and take other measures to preserve local culture. Make it a trading / mutual defense pact among sovereign states instead of a superstate lorded over by unelected bureaucrats as it is now.

They forgot the cardinal rule of empire: that it must represent and be beneficial to the interests of the average person, they need to take a step back or it will fall.

Britain didn't lord it's self over Canada, making our laws as the EU does with member states, it allowed us to kind of do our own thing, so we never felt the need to break free. It's a lesson the EU should take to heart.

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Agreed. The Queen is our head of state and yet Britain doesn't control our immigration policy. Hence the reason the Queen is still our head of state.

Never had any faith in it

I'd have to see if it would be worth saving before I worked on actually trying to save it. Right now I'd say not so much.