What's your favorite pizza toppings?

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@StarzAbove Sausage

Mmmm sausage ;) ... with a banana on the side? ;P jk :)

@StarzAbove Nope, just sausage and sometimes pepperoni.

pepperoni, sausage and peppers, make a very good combo smile smilie.

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I wouldn't mind having pizza at your house, that sounds pretty good.

I don't eat pizza very often, but when I do it's usually a Domino's bacon cheddar with double cheese, double bacon, extra beef, extra onion and double cheddar. My favorite topping is probably cheese. I don't like cheese pizza as such, but I like lots of cheese on my pizza.

Mushrooms. Ham. Cheese. Olives. Chicken.

Anchovy. Is there any other?

I usually order domestic toppings since that is all the pizza place carries. Like, pepperoni, onions, garlic, green or red pepper, mushrooms, ham, olives, bacon...

I'd rather order "gourmet" ingredients like: artichokes, shrimp/lobster, capers, anchovys (somewhat desalted preferably)....but most places here don't carry those toppings.

And, also...I generally share/or order a pizza with my neighbour Sharon. If we are sharing that means I get a pineapple/ham combo...which is good but not my first choice. If we are ordering a small each...then we can switch around a couple of pieces...fun for everyone.

Then I have to figure out who owes whom...she always gets those gd Coke Zeros...and some tiramisu.

A slice of life.

@Zolfie Sounds like you like seafood toppings

I don't eat a lot of seafood...so when I get a chance to...i do....

@Sukiesnow I don't eat a lot of seafood...so when I get a chance to...i do....

Make sense. Some people love eating seafood when they get the chance.

Though it seems like there isn't as many good seafood places.

@Sukiesnow And good Chinese places. All there are is good Pizza places. :)

Seems like there are a TON of Chinese places around here... none of them are great... but there are a ton of them and they're alright... I like the food.

Bacon and extra cheese they kinda just go together

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