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People are awesome.... well the good ones..and the bad ones aren't nice at all. I'm glad I know a few good ones... there's even good ones on Am.. great ones in fact... you just need to not let the bad ones get you down and look out for the good ones... the good ones sneak up on you with a hug smilie

I hate a certain type of people, not all of them. Luckily, there's still decent around.

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Oh there is a couple that I hate with a passion but otherwise I cherish the people that I have met & am friends with today.

I don't hate anyone, but there are some that I strongly detest.

You hate people and you love animals. Those are your 2 statements on the just in page. Do you have ses with animals?

You love people. smirk smilie

Good luck with that in life.

lotta the time yes i do especially when driving.