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Oh not me I am a blabbering fool sometimes. hehe smilie

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If it is coming out of my mouth it was because they were begging for it & it wasn't very nice hehe smilie

Even if you were, you would still be friend. My friendships are not based on what someone looks like it is based on what is in their heart & how they treat others.

Sadly there is a lot of fake people on the internet. Some that pretend to be a younger age when they are way older or pretend to have high profile careers when the actual stand at a counter & say "You want fries with that". That is something I will never understand about people. As I read articles about this online, I can't understand why people just can't be themselves. A friend who doesn't get online much has been reading about this stuff for a college class & was sharing with me their research which kinda shocked me what people do.

I can promise ya I am a 38 year old country girl that is a mama of 4 & my profile pic is really me. Plus some of the stuff that comes out of my mouth people couldn't make up if they tried hehe smilie

True, anyone could be just about anything on the internet. Heck, I could really be a wolf wink smilie. We just have to trust each other (to a degree) that we are what we say we are (at least until otherwise proven wrong).

PS: Yes, I'm really a wolf... (not really).

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Now why do I think that image is somewhat sexy?

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Lol i could be (mysterious)