How do women make men feel good? Inspite of $EX feedback...what else do We do for you? Seriously.

Image for post **How do women make men feel good?** //Inspite of $EX feedback...what else do We do for you? Seriously.//
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I treat my husband with respect and I cook for him. lol I treat him like a King, and take care of his castle, and he treats me like his Queen.

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I don't know ask Dallas :P

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You sound like a lucky man.

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I don't have much time for men outside or inside of the bedroom hehe smilie

As much as I love sex, intimacy and friendship are more important.

Outside of sex, what have women done for me? Too much to mention. Sometimes all it takes is a small gesture of kindness. For instance, a soft touch on my arm when we're talking, or sliding her hand across my back as she passes. Also, and this might sound weird, but sometimes just how a woman walks beside me can communicate things like she feels protected and safe by me, or that she feels special with me. All those things work.

Being in a couple makes you part of a community... It generally takes 2 to make that happen...(?)

You comfort us, make us feel secure, and scratch that damn itchy spot on my back that I can't reach. You help us raise our children. You do a never ending list of things for us the value of which is immeasurable. Hopefully we do some good things for you too.

I am just here to read the comments don't mind me.

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