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Try the bus station. Never again.

I have visited places that I didn't especially like, but none that I would call worst. I liked Savannah, Georgia a lot but didn't feel safe there because the management at the hotel we were staying at suggested we NOT go out after dark, for fear of getting mugged. So we left the next day.

There are some places in the States that need to upgrade their public washrooms...

@Sukiesnow There are some places in the States that need to upgrade their public washrooms...

There must be some, what is your reason for an upgrade? I have seen the old roller hand drying towels in some places here, plus a woman standing outside renting supposedlydead smilie clean towels, Yuck, I just washed my hands and touching nothing left before drying my fingers on my pants legs.

I was traveling through Indonesia and ended up off the tourist track and in a small village with mostly people with Leprosy and they saw me and started running after me. I felt sorry for them as they had growths all over them and looked hidious and it was frightening, I was only really young, and it was like being in a zombie apocalypse.

Not worst because I thought I was too good for it or something, but worst because of what happened there. Dachau Concentration Camp. I was visiting family in Germany, and we felt it was good to learn about history and see this site. We were doing a tour with headphones and a map. In the building where they had kept the political prisoners and done a LOT of torture... I felt things unexpectedly. I was walking down on particular hallway, lined on both sides with rooms, or cells basically. I was overcome by a hodge podge of emotions. Sadness,depression,resignation, anger, rage, desperation, contempt, hatred, judgement,and a feeling of being mentally unstable or "crazy" for lack of a better word. It stayed with me the whole time I was in that building. After we got out, it abated. I found out that particular building is one of the only original buildings left. The other buildings have been changed, tampered with, or rebuilt for demonstration purposes. I feel I picked up on the energies that were in that building from those times.

Buffalo, NY. What a f@%king rat hole of a place.

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