Tech support scammer trolled

Here's your first clue it's a scam, Microsoft doesn't tell people to call them, in fact finding a phone number for MS tech support is somewhere near impossible. I went to MS and asked them for their tech support phone number. It directed me to a wiki page where someone else had asked for it. 140 people have clicked on the button that says they have the same problem. At no point on the wiki page was a phone number offered. What do you think the odds are MS would tell you to call them? Here's a comment from the video: Nigella Blum1 week ago (edited) +Malcolm, very funny. Here is the serious part. They are massive fraud organization based in India. +1-877-245-7020 The popup (phone 866-435=4976) came from their site: EASYCLOTHES.INFO (RISKY) India address: (15th Floor Eros Corporate Tower, Nehru Place New Delhi 110019)