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lol. XD This should definitely become a trend in social media.

One that shows who you really are.

HEll yeah hunger games

Ah, I see you got a visit from the disagreement fairy. It's good luck you know.

Actually I pilfered that photo. It came from Facebook where the Little Free Library has a page for stewards to hobnob. Pix of their libraries are called "shelfies".

This is my library:

Image in content

That is a steel tool cabinet with cedar paneling glued on. I don't like it. I'm planning to get a larger steel cabinet and I will paint Greek columns on it so it looks like a temple. A temple that is five feet tall and a foot and a half wide.

Meanwhile I am working on a division for little people, since most of my customers are kids. It's a stone castle with a sign that says "Wizard School."

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