Do you have a musically account ?

For those who do not know is a lip sync app, it is pretty fun. I am trying to get popular there, most popular users are like under the age of 18. They have like millions of fans and are making money out of it. 20+ We need to step up our game (always wanted to be a online star btw.) So if you do have a account follow me if not its cool. Let me know what you think about it :D Check out the link.

Image for post Do you have a musically account ?
20% Yes 10% No, going to make one. 70% Other
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1 10
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Unfortunately, you thought wrong. No one is assuming you will make one. I do not really care about that. The option it was just there. Just a lot of people do not know about it. So there is more people now signing up. No one forced you, everyone has their own opinions-shrugs-. Have a nice day.

All I can confidently say is that it won't end in a tie.

@tomjackson All I can confidently say is that it won't end in a tie.

Perhaps you assumed that because of what I said about making one dunno thing. In other words I meant to say like make one if you want because to see other musically u need to have a account. If not its whatever like you do not have to make one. I am gonna change that bit because seems people are thinking they are being forced to make one xD

No. never gonna make one.

Not my gig, but thank you for the invite.....