Disclaimer to religious people who are easily offended. There is barely a shred of evidence to a "loving" god in the world we live in today. If anything there is plenty of evidence to support a ruthless relentless god. Starvation, death, murder, profiting off of war. What kind of "loving" god would allow so many people to suffer and allow so many terrible people to live a life of luxury and decadence? It seems god blesses more of those who have enough money. There are plenty of people who keep faith during times of struggling and pain and to anyone who believes in god I am not ridiculing your life choices. Take a look at all the innocent people dying around the globe either from starvation or getting bombs dropped on them. Most of these people weren't raised with the same beliefs we were raised with, but since they aren't enlightened to OUR god does that mean they deserve to struggle? If God only blesses those who truly believe in him than he only cares about a small majority of people.