I was just asked to sleep with someones wife I don't know what to do. All off a sudden a bunch of people are trying to be with me because I am a nudest and only now am I being open about it. What do I do? Please help! there is more to me then just sex. That's why I have been single for so long well one of the reasons and I need advice.

I need Help!

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Judging by the concerned tone of the post, you say no because if you were ok with it, you wouldn't need to ask. Also you won't find a good relationship hooking up with someone else's partner, what usually happens is if she leaves the other guy for you, then later on, you become the other guy for someone else.

The answer is very simple to me.....DO NO SLEEP WITH ANOTHER MAN'S WIFE, EVER.

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For everything else, there's Mastercard

Are you being too picking about the physical appearance of your mates? Have you warmed up to someone less 'desirable' but more honest?

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Sleep with someone's wife? And, you're not clear about the right thing to do?

You have bigger problems than you know.

I am having such a SodaHead flashback right now

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I don't have a high bar. it takes very little to keep me happy all I want is real love.

Just don't do it tell them to fuck off

I try really hard not to be unkind to people

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And as far as Voyeurism been there done got the shirt wear the hat.

ok now 3 people are asking me to sleep with there wives. how the heck does this happen.

I feel like I need to be paid.

at 3 in the morning someone sent me a number and photos of there wife hmm smilie very nice but no smilie

I should have become a Adult film star hehe smilie $2000 per session. hello smilie but no lol I am sweet and innocent.

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yeah but my friends all hated it