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Yep, since January 20th, and already on the way to being impeached.

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Sorry to disappoint you, grandpa, but most states are becoming"marijuana states".

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Oh, just little old thing, called 'Conflicts of Interest'!

He only said that to get votes. Wonder how they are feeling now, when his entire cabinet is being made up of billionaires. He complained about Hillary and Wall Street, and he's actually in bed with them.

But that's nothing new. Anyone with common sense knew he was lying. The rich stick with their own, they don't give a rat's ass about the middle class or less fortunate.

So far Trump has the media, politicians, celebrities and the left against everything he wants to get done. He still has accomplished quite a lot, what he does have going for him is the people of America. You know, the ones who haven't had a voice for a long time - the ones who put him in office. Time will tell if he is the man voters believed him to be. Anyone but Clinton.

He'll say anything to hide his schemes