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God no. I am not a ghoul.

Not a chance. Im an opponent

No. Although I do believe there are some who really don't deserve their lives, I wouldn't watch them being dispatched.

I really can't imagine a situation where I'd want to. There were some evil scum a few years ago that tortured a young girl and laughed about it in court. Maybe in that case...

If it was on Pay Per View...i wouldn't for sure..

If it was someone that hurt someone I care about, yes. So I could be completely sure that person was gone. But besides that, I don't think so.

Yes, and I would DVR it so I could watch it again and again!

No, probably not.

No I don't want to see suffering even from bad criminals. There are enough movies so it would never be necessary. Only reason would be if a killer had killed someone I loved then I might just to feel it was indeed carried out.

No, but I'd watch an autopsy. I have an interest in anatomy.