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After the gym today!!

A couple of hours ago. My daughter often takes my hand when we're out walking.

About 4 years ago. Sometimes I walk past a shop window and gaze at the items in the window with the other couples and suddenly catch myself putting my hand out for the other that isn't there.

That's the other thing, girls hug each other, they hug to say hi, they hug to congratulate, they hug to console, then they have their kids to hug. Guys don't do any of that, so if you don't have a partner, you have zero intimacy. Apparently guys don't need that because they're tough. They just need beer, football, car engines and 2 minutes of self focused collapse on top of you dripping in beer sweat sex. I think being single for a girl is different to being single for a guy.

Yesterday when we were out walking, we always hold hands.

Yesterday when my son grabbed my hand and said "Here mom let me help you to your chair".