When we were younger we believed that we could do anything with our lives, lately it seems like the older we get and the less we fufill our most passionate desires the more we start to strive for mediocre more easily achievable goals so we don't let ourselves down. Don't ever let the world lower your standards for happinesss. Strive for what you REALLY want.

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I totally agree. I think I've strived for less because the older I get the more my goals seem to require more and more money to achieve.

All true, ..... however, I need to remember to keep my goals realistic too. Unachievable goals wastes precious time and resources.

I need to periodically review my progress, sometimes to adjust priorities and activities.

My goals need to be mutually supportive - not contradicting one another.

I need to recognize that I am not a one dimensional person. I need to set goals for the important aspects of my like; my spiritual life, my family life, my work life, etc. I need to maintain a healthy balance between them all so none ends up smothering the other(s).

All that takes time and persistent attention, review and adjustment.

When I was young, I never gave much thought as to what my future would be. As it has turned out, though, I've had a good life, raised a good family, had a good marriage, couldn't ask for much more.

Of course. But things do change somewhat...as you get older.

I don't let anyone topple my standards.

Oh I am extremely happy that I finally came to my senses and seen what I was actually putting myself through. Now my life is as happy as can be & I wouldn't trade it for anything.

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Thank ya. I am sore as can be but I am moving a little better today

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