Your parents have taught you to be kind, hard working, and to save a ton of unnecessary plastic bags under the sink. Amirite?

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YES!! how did you know? lol.. but they never told me what I'm supposed to do with them?

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Not the plastic bags. They help me to develop strong ethics, values, morals. Teaching me the word of God. How to be a strong christian man.

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My parents taught me to set my milk back away from the edge of the table so I don't knock it over with my elbow. I had to learn everything else on my own.

I keep the plastic bags in another plastic bag. One bagful is my limit. Oddly, they are very useful. My kitchen cutting board is a perfect fit in one bag, and another bag in the opposite direction to keep dust off. Ice cube trays are in a bag to keep them stacked. It's a dusty neighborhood, so anything that keeps dust off is welcome.

Dust is the price of fertile crop land. They plow the farms here four times a year. Arizona dust is so fine that the army buys it in cans to test dust-proof seals.

I recycle them.

Actually I keep them in a storage box next to the fridge hehe smilie

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