Profile Questions. What are your thoughts about Amirite's profile questions?

I like it the way it is... The format might be a bit long...just the basics and perhaps some space for whatever a person might want to say. Answering profile questions remind me of being at school and in exams. Also being online...everyone has their own level of comfort... What do you think?

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Oh I personally like it just wish I had taken the time to fill mine out more. I enjoy reading about people on their profile pages and seeing the details of their lives that they choose to share.

I havent even read them...

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I read them, and decided not to fill in too much.

I filled out what i wanted to. Reminded me of sodahead lol.

I personally hate the ethnicity one because it doesn't actually refer to one's ethnicity. It refers to one's race. But race is a social construct so...

I don't even remember them.