Had an old mobile home on my property. The original owners here had purchased it for one of their mothers. Although it had sat empty for years, the original owners, as well as myself kept the roof coated and it was in fair condition. Well, i was tired of looking at it, had no desire to rent or use it, so decided to try and get it gone. I put the word out via homeowners in the area and the local store. No charge, just get it gone. So a 19 year old kid whose father lives on my road jumped right on it. He had to find axels, cut all the lines remove the stairs and skirting, etc. Then his father hauled it out to a 5 acre plot of land that he gave to his kid. He did little harm to the trees and perinneals, and cleaned everything up. Looks like a little garden with an empty center.................... Well a few weeks ago, my driveway kept getting shoveled. Its been a mild winter as winters here go, so it was only a few times. I talked to the kid who usually does it, so i could pay him, he said it wasnt him. Anyway saw the kid who got the trailer at that local store. He told me having his own place had changed his life. He and his father had been at each others throats, homelife had become unbearable, his girlfriend stayed away. Now things couldnt be better between the two. He is charged to get up to go to work each day and his girlfriend is comfortable visiting. So, as he didnt know what else to do, early in the mornings, on his way to work, he had been shoveling my driveway. Well that warmed me.

So my question.....have you ever given something away that improved someones life??